Sunday, December 7, 2014


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Time for parties and celebrations ,
Time for presents and exchanging kisses , 
Time for singing Xmas songs , 
Time for children having fun , 
Time for love and understanding , 
Time for making wishes  , 
Time for sharing , Time for Peace ...

 Click on the Christmas Cards

Santa's Jigsaw

Help Santa down the chimney by solving the puzzle!
Santa's Jigsaw

                                               A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story A busy night for Santa  Claus .          

The Rocking Horse (Christmas Version)

Help the Teddy Bear mend the dusty old Rocking Horse

The Rocking Horse (Christmas Version)

                                           Chudleigh's Pelmanism

                                          Find the matching pairs to reveal your Christmas                                                                                                               card!
     Chudleigh's Pelmanism



Put the words into the right box

                                                                                Christmas Words:   Arrange the letters to make Christmas words. (Flash)


                CHRISTMAS     SONGS 




                                                          FUN !!





                                 BRITISH        COUNCIL        
                Whose present?


              PEPPA PIG  CHRISTMAS




                                              INTERACTIVE BOOK 
                                                                        by Mrs Haquet 

LIMs by Belén Junquera .Thank you ,teacher


 HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW                                                                                              SANTA CLAUS ?

Christmas Dishes in UK 
Click on the photo and play the game, then click below for an audio quiz

CHRISTMAS TREES  Construct a pop-up Christmas Tree using a Japanese technique named Kirigami.

Here you will find the template to be downloaded:
DIY Christmas Tree Pop Up Card DIY Christmas Tree Pop Up Card
          Use them as hanging trees.

Shining Christmas Graphic

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