Friday, December 12, 2014


Glitter Text Generator

Santa Gift Sling GameSanta's Gift Sling:  Have Santa use the sling on the reindeer to shoot the Christmas gifts into the chimney.

Gift Stack GameGift Stack Game:  Click on the screen to drop the gift and stack as many presents as you can.

Christmas ElvesDress Up Elves:  Two little elves to dress up for Christmas.  (Flash)

Christmas BellsChristmas Bells:  Make music with the Christmas bells.

Christmas Row Swapping PuzzleFind the Differences Game: Find seven differences between the two pictures before time runs out.

Christmas Ornaments Off the Edge GameOrnaments Off the Edge Game: Keep the Christmas Ornaments from reaching the edges of the play area.

Christmas Ornaments in a Line5 Ornaments in a Line: Remove the Christmas ornaments by lining up 5 in a row. A lump of coal will block the path, but the Christmas light can remove the coal.

Mahjong with Christmas Tiles 1Mahjong Games with Christmas Tiles: Match the tiles that are on the same layer.

Christmas Ornament SwapChristmas Ornament Swap: Swap two ornaments so that there are three of the same ornaments in a row.

Santa's StarsSanta's Stars: Use the arrow keys to move Santa's sled and catch the yellow stars.

Christmas Tree LightsChristmas Tree LightsLight up the Christmas tree by connecting all the wires and bulbs.

Christmas Tree LightsUntangle the Christmas LightsUntangle the Christmas lights to light them up.

Decorate a Christmas TreeDecorate a Christmas Tree: Decorate the tree with blinking lights and yummy sugar cookies.   (Javascript) .

Christmas Stocking Memory Match GameChristmas Stocking Memory Match Game :   Find the matching stockings to reveal your Christmas card.  (Java applet)

Gift Grab Game: Grab as many gifts as you can while avoiding the coal and the snowman.

Gift Grab GameGift Grab Game 2: Santa is throwing gifts from his sleigh. Catch as many presents as you can.

Gift Grab GameGift Grab Game 3: Use the mouse to move and grab the presents before they hit the ground.

snowmanBuild a Snowman Game:   Design a snowman by dragging and dropping the parts with your mouse.  (Javascript)

Decorate a Christmas Tree GameAnother Christmas Tree to Decorate: Decorate and print your own Christmas Tree.   (Flash)

Decorate a Christmas Tree GameAnd Another Christmas Tree to Decorate: This time you have to decorate the tree before time runs out. (Flash)

SleddingChristmas Sledding: Collect as many green trees as you can. Stay away from the red ones.

Christmas Maze Word GameChristmas Maze Word Game: Help the elf collect the letters in order to spell out the Christmas related word defined by the clue.

Santa Shooting BasketballSanta Hoops Game: Help Santa shoot the basketball.

Christmas Row Swapping Puzzle9-Piece Tile Swapping Puzzle: Put the picture back together by swapping the pieces of the puzzle.
36-Piece Christmas Tile Swap Puzzle

Elf Tipping Over

Elf Tip:  Help keep the elf from tipping over!

Santa and the Elves Snowball Fight

Santa and the Elves Snowball Fight:Santa and the elves are having a fun snowball fight. Aim at the elves in the trees before they splat you.

Flying SantaFlying Santa: Have the reindeer jump on the seesaw and send Santa flying with a present to the chimney.

Monday, December 8, 2014


 David Attenborough narrating the lyrics of Louis Armstrong’s song What A Wonderful World over a beautifully edited montage of BBC Nature clips.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

The Movie

Glitter Text Generator

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer  had a very shiny nose
And if you ever saw him,  you would even say it glows.
All of the other reindeer  used to laugh and call him names.
They never let poor Rudolph  join in any reindeer games.  
Then one foggy Christmas Eve  Santa came to say: 
"Rudolph with your nose so bright,  won't you guide my sleigh tonight?" 
Then all the reindeer loved him, as they shouted out with glee, 
Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer,  you'll go down in history!

This is a little story of bullying and rejection, then acceptance, followed by a happy ending. 
 It illustrates that everyone can have a place and be  useful for the good of society. 


Glitter Text Generator

Time for parties and celebrations ,
Time for presents and exchanging kisses , 
Time for singing Xmas songs , 
Time for children having fun , 
Time for love and understanding , 
Time for making wishes  , 
Time for sharing , Time for Peace ...

 Click on the Christmas Cards

Santa's Jigsaw

Help Santa down the chimney by solving the puzzle!
Santa's Jigsaw

                                               A Christmas Story

A Christmas Story A busy night for Santa  Claus .          

The Rocking Horse (Christmas Version)

Help the Teddy Bear mend the dusty old Rocking Horse

The Rocking Horse (Christmas Version)

                                           Chudleigh's Pelmanism

                                          Find the matching pairs to reveal your Christmas                                                                                                               card!
     Chudleigh's Pelmanism



Put the words into the right box

                                                                                Christmas Words:   Arrange the letters to make Christmas words. (Flash)


                CHRISTMAS     SONGS 




                                                          FUN !!





                                 BRITISH        COUNCIL        
                Whose present?


              PEPPA PIG  CHRISTMAS




                                              INTERACTIVE BOOK 
                                                                        by Mrs Haquet 

LIMs by Belén Junquera .Thank you ,teacher


 HOW WELL DO YOU KNOW                                                                                              SANTA CLAUS ?

Christmas Dishes in UK 
Click on the photo and play the game, then click below for an audio quiz

CHRISTMAS TREES  Construct a pop-up Christmas Tree using a Japanese technique named Kirigami.

Here you will find the template to be downloaded:
DIY Christmas Tree Pop Up Card DIY Christmas Tree Pop Up Card
          Use them as hanging trees.

Shining Christmas Graphic