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It's celebrated on January 30th every year, on the anniversary of the death of Mahatma Gandhi. It was founded by the Spanish poet Llorenç Vidal Vidal in Majorca in 1964 for a pacifying and non-violent education.
  We live in an amazing world ! 
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  We´ll learn about nationalities , flags , countries , languages and much more ... 

# Saying "hello" to all the children of the world ( Kindergarten,1st  1st,2nd grade )                       
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This is the song we´re performing at the assembly for School Day of 

Peace and Non-Violence on  29th January.


The Peace Book, Reading Time (1st and 2nd Grade )


Hello Around the World Song - Sing Hello in Different Languages (3rd Grade)

Printable Posters Teaching Resource - How to say hello in 30 different languages, create a colourful multicultural display for your classroom:

# Words for PEACE   around the world( 4th,5th and 6th Grade) . 

Country names in Spanish and in English :
Countries, Nationalities/ Languages  AUDIO  AUDIO

How to Say Peace in Different Languages : with Audio

World Peace by ~eti-enne02 on deviantART - Google Chrome_2012-11-15_10-29-02

Where the hell is Matt                        Song : Trip the Light


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These are the songs we´re performing at the assembly for School Day ofPeace and Non-Violence on Friday 29th January.